GARY ALLEN, Senior Stylist

Gary Allen started working at worldSALON as a Co-op student in February 2008 and was hired on a full-time basis shortly thereafter. A uniquely gifted artist, Gary’s paintings were featured at the AGO as part of a young artist collective and he has been represented at other group exhibits throughout the Toronto area.

Gary uses his background in both the Arts and Illustration to push the boundaries of hairstyling and design. He has traveled to Miami as part of the artistic team for Mac Cosmetics and to Germany and France to train with LA BIOSTHETIQUE Paris on their Spring Collection. Gary has also created exquisite looks for the Coleman Lemieux Compagnie Danse. His styles have been featured in Viva Magazine, 2 Magazine and most recently in VOGUE Magazine online. His cuts are distinctive and well executed, his colours rich and masterful. Gary is a gem that delivers creative work and as such, is adored by his clientele.