worldSALON and worldMARKET are now living at 132 Adelaide St. E - #Jadelaide

worldSALON, Canada’s greenest salon, opened its doors in October 1989 at Jarvis + ADELAIDE. Since then, environmental responsibility, sustainable living, health and wellness and beautiful, sexy hair have become our (pillars). Manager Andrew Wu and owner Brian Phillips say - “COVID gave us an opportunity to pivot and create something new. We have grown our brand to incorporate a collective of like-minded, cool companies/artisans offering great items that we think you should know about and support”. worldMARKET is pleased to join the Jadelaide family - Fahrenheit Coffee, TripleABar, Bahn Thai Spa, BoConcept and Cafe Oro di Napoli - all across from the beautiful St. James Park.

Treat your hair, treat your home, treat your soul.